Poly-Functional Radiochemical Complex

The Poly-functional Radiochemical Complex is one of the key projects implemented at the RIAR’s site under the Federal Target Program «Nuclear Energy Technologies of New Generation for the Period 201-2015 and till 2020».

The construction of Poly-functional Radiochemical Complex (PRC) is on schedule. At present, the bedplate is being reinforced. By the end of 2016, the construction works have to be completed to start mounting the equipment. The Complex is scheduled for commissioning in 2018.

Owing to the PRC construction, the Analytical Department of the Radiochemical Division has upgraded its spectrometric equipment and purchased two multi-channel analyzers of emission spectra.

The State Contract «R&D Works to Justify the PRC Design. 2013-2015 Stages» covers the development of protective, lifting, transport and process equipment; equipment for treatment, conditioning and immobilization of radwaste that will result from the PRC operation.

The upgrading of equipment and accreditation of the Analytical Department is a part of huge work on the sustenance of the JSC «SSC RIAR» research base to justify a new technological platform of nuclear engineering.