JSC «SSC RIAR» is the largest research institute in Russia and the town’s major employer.

RIAR operates six nuclear research reactors, the Europe’s biggest reactor materials testing complex for PIE of the core components, fuel cycle R&D facilities, radiochemical complex and radioactive waste management facilities.

RIAR’s unique multi-field experimental facilities enable research in the key trends of Russia’s nuclear power:

  • Development and commissioning of cost-effective and reliable new generation VVER power units competitive in the world market;
  • In-pile testing and research in developing the promising structural materials for Gen IV reactors;
  • Lifetime extension for the existing water-cooled power reactors;
  • Reduction of the operating costs, enhancement of the existing NPPs effectiveness and safety;
  • Development and pilot demonstration of innovative nuclear technologies.

Rendering knowledge-intensive engineering services and transfer of the nuclear technology to other fields, including nuclear medicine and industry.





RIAR JSC signed an R&D contract with the flagship China’s company in the production of carbon materials

RIAR JSC, (a member of scientific division of ROSATOM State Atomic Energy Corporation) and Fangda Carbon New Material Co., Ltd. (the People’s Republic of China) signed a long-term contract for graphite irradiation followed by post-irradiation examinations of graphite samples provided that the irradiation conditions are similar to those of graphite operation in advanced high-temperature gas-cooled reactor HTR-PM600.

17.10.2019RIAR JSC continues refurbishing the SM reactor.
10.07.2019A unique artificial Cr-51 neutrino source was manufactured at RIAR and delivered to the Baksan Neutrino Observatory of the Institute of Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Read more...