Accredited Test Center

The Accredited Test Center (ATC) was founded to support research and engineering activities by provision of methods and equipment as well as advanced science-intensive techniques in the field of reactor material science to search for new modifications of known materials so as to handle challenges of industry as a whole and nuclear engineering in particular.

In 2001, The Accredited Test Center was certified by ROSATOM, GOSSTANDARD and GOSATOMNADZOR of the Russian Federation and introduced into the Certification System for equipment, items and techniques for nuclear facilities, radiation sources and storage facilities (Certificate No.IK008).

The Accredited Test Center is the only center in Russia that renders services in irradiation in research reactors and comprehensive testing of materials and structural components for Russian and foreign customers.

The stuff of the Accredited Test Center has a more than a 50-year experience in examinations aimed at maintenance of safe operation of nuclear facilities. Fourteen Professors and fifty-six PhDs work at the Accredited Test Center.

In future, an International Accredited Test Center is planned to be found to perform tests and examinations of materials and components of reactor cores.