Physics, Engineering, Irradiation Technologies and Safety of Nuclear Reactors

Key Activities

  • Generation of experimental data on the physics, thermal physics, thermo-hydraulics, fission gas release and behavior of fuel elements, fuel assemblies and materials used to verify calculation codes, to develop advanced reactors and to justify safety of the RIAR’s reactors under operation.
  • Simulation of stationary and transient operational conditions for fuel elements and fuel assemblies and examination of their characteristics under different modes, including design-basis accidents.
  • Development of methods and technical means to examine fuel assemblies, fuel elements and their fragments under the accidental conditions in reactor and hot cells.
  • Development of techniques and experimental rigs for in-pile examinations of mechanical, electrical and thermo-physical characteristics of reactor-intended materials.
  • Development and testing of devices to be used to control the state and safety of nuclear facilities.
  • Development and implementation of irradiation technologies as well as accumulation of transplutonium elements, isotopes of different purposes and irradiation of materials to change their physical properties.